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Everybody likes to have child after marriage. Absence of issues after marriage becomes apple of discord and the prevailing peace is disturbed. The issueless persons should know the correct reasons and try to establish through medical examinations as to who is actually responsible for it. There can be many causes of not getting a child in time. One of the main causes is the ill health of the partners. Apart from bad health there are other causes also which attribute towards this

  1. Complete absence of sperms in the semen or their insufficiency or weakness to penetrate female ova.
  2. Impotency, Premature ejaculation, spermatorrhoea, too much of night fall etc.
  3. Disturbance in menstruation cycle of female partner or complication developed in her genital organs accompanied by excessive leucorrhoea.
  4. Inability of the genital organs to retain the products of conception.
  5. General Debility of the woman and presence of too much of fat in the body.
  6. Congenital defects in female/male genital organs.
  7. Blockage of fallopian tube in female.

So, after a careful examination of both the partners, the correct cause is detected and established as to who is actually responsible for their issue-lessness. Such patients are therefore advised to safeguard their interest from deceiving persons and always consult a good, qualified and experienced sexologist.

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