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Youth is that part of the life when every organ of the body blooms. As soon as one enters into youth after crossing the teenage various glands become active and start generating various kinds of hormones. Sex hormones released in blood circulation result in maturity of the sexual organs and also the organs sensitivity increases because of the development of the nerves controlling them compelling one to be diverted towards them even one try to ignore. This all result in emotional changes in the youth and they have tendency to get excited with slight stimulation which can be in from of thinking discussing , seeing opposite sex, seeing hot movies etc.
Due to inadequate sexual knowledge many our youths fall in bad company and ruin their life by adopting wrong practices of satisfying the sexual hunger. They don’t get proper guidance nor do the parents out of shyness come forward to show them the right path. Such type of sexual guidance is not imparted in the schools also. Its mere relevance is disliked and everybody hates it. The consequence of adopting the wrong ways are reflected only when they get married and when the actual test of the sexual organs starts, that time they find themselves unable to enjoy fully and repent for their follies.
Such youths not only are deprived of the real enjoyment but are unable to satisfy their co-partner also, for which they have to cut a sorry figure. The man can hide his weakness from his friend but cannot conceal it from his wife. The woman also develops hatred towards the sexually week husband without mentioning it due to shyness. Thousands of the married relations are broken and divorces resulted due to it. In the extreme cases woman commits suicide or otherwise lead a miserable life out of their ignorance.
For all these complications our own society is responsible who has been looking the SEX with hatred. Even talks about sex are considered to be unscrupulous and everything in regarding to sex is kept a top secret. A father can teach driving to his son but never tells him anything about SEX. That is the reason why thousands of our youths remain entangled in the sexual problems throughout their life and deprive themselves of the real happiness of married life.



Male's Sex Problems


ERECTILE DYSFUNTION (Problem in Getting or Maintaining Erection at the Time of Sex ) (Erectile Dysfunction due to Diabetes . Erectile Dysfunction due to Age Factor . Erectile Dysfunction due to any Medical Condition . Erectile Dysfunction as Side Effects of Illicit Drugs . Erectile Dysfunction as side of any Medicines . Erectile Dysfunction due to Stress.

Female's Sex Problems


LOSS OF LIBIDO (This is a Condition in which Female is able to have Sex But Don't want to have Sex, Low Sex Desire) LACK OF ENJOYMENT DURING INTERCOURSE (The Condition where Female is not in Position to Enjoy the Act of SEX) DRYNESS OF VAGINA DURING INTERCOURSE (Dryness in Female's Vagina at time of Act of Sex)